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Over 45 years now the Rawlings have committed their lives to helping the nation of Israel. This 15 minute clip takes you into many avenues that the the Rawlings Family have walked over almost 5 decades. See clips from the 3 films that they are working on at present.

  1. Children saved from Brothels
  2. Saving Refugees
  3. The History of the Founders of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

Adopt a refugee

Jay & Meridel Rawlings with Michael and Nicole Dobuol with their adopted Filipino family in Toronto Canada, 2015

Jay & Meridel Rawlings with Michael and Nicole Dobuol with their adopted Filipino family in Toronto Canada, 2015

Shalom and warm greetings from Jerusalem.
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1Tishrei 5776 – Sept 14th 2015

Re: Rescuing Refugees – One Family at a Time

by Dr Jay Rawlings

Day by day watching current international TV news reports, one witnesses a flood of humanity flowing out of Africa and the Middle East towards Europe. Their  search for refuge is too often accompanied by tragedy at the hands of ‘wicked’ handlers who charge enormous sums to lead them to a ‘promised’ land. Terrorism and war are driving these ‘desperate unfortunates’  who have lost everything and therefore take impossible risks in order to reach somewhere, anywhere… that has to be better than the hell they have left. Seeing the police enforcements, the walls of barbed wire, dogs, and tear gas used against sick and poor harkens back to post WW2 days when Jewish refugees fled their prison camps and looked homeward to Palestine with no one to help them. But, God had made provision for his people thousands of years before. There was no other precident like it known in human history. And to this very day, Jews continue to ‘return home to Israel’ from the Ukraine, France and North America. The obvious difference is that  the flow of today’s refugees is not from Europe but into Europe!

Like many, I have been deeply moved by the plight of the refugees ongoing isolation, pain, hunger, thirst, desolation and weariness.  The blatant  insufferable indifference they encounter from the oil rich nations in the Middle East, I find almost impossible to grasp.  There is little if any compassion for such hapless souls who are obvously, not wanted, and have no where to turn.

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Palestine~From the River to the Sea

In this disturbing film, by acclaimed director Pierre Rehov, you will follow along as he explores the issue with firsthand footage of the refugee camps and and in depth analysis by world experts as well as interviews with the Arab refugees themselves. Why there are still millions of Palestinians who, 63 years after the birth of Israel are languishing as refugees in poverty? Why are there still refugee camps within the Arab countries? Israel dismantled its camps in the 1950’s and gave full citizenship to what are now Israeli Arabs, while in contrast the refugees in the surrounding Arab countries have been kept in limbo since 1948–stateless and without papers. 
In this film you will see the lies, corruption, propaganda and false hopes that have developed as this group of people is virtually held as pawns in a board game. Originally there were about  480,000 who left in 1948 on the advice of their Arab leaders, but this has grown to whopping 6 million plus, who are living in refugee camps today.
You will see that UNRWA is the only agency dedicated to helping refugees from a specific region or conflict. UNRWA has 1 staff for every 10 Palestinian refugees, while UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) for the rest of the world has 1 staff for every 4,000 refugees! Of the more than 400 million dollars per year given to UNRWA about 50% goes to UNRWA employees–and there are other funds that are not accounted for.
The facts are not pleasant! Please take the time to watch each of the four segments of this film. Go to Pierre Rehov’s website and learn more. Listen to what the Arabs themselves are saying. What they are demanding is nothing less than the complete destruction of the Israeli state and it’s people. Are you willing to support this?

From the River to the Sea~Part 1
From the River to the Sea~Part 2
From the River to the Sea~Part 3
From the River to the Sea~Part 4

The Real Nakba~The Jewish Nakba

The true nakba (catastrophe) is the continued failure of the “Palestinian” Arab community to accept Israel’s existence as a Jewish state, and to make peace.

The term “Jewish Nakba” refers to the persecution and expulsion of Jews from Arab countries in the years and decades following the creation of the State of Israel. The Jewish Nakba was a long line of slaughters, of pogroms, of property confiscation and of deportations against Jews in Islamic countries.

This chapter of history has been left in the shadows~downplayed~ignored.  
The Arab League rejection of the 1947 Partition Plan and its resulting attack and war against the new born state of Israel was responsible not only for the estimated 500,000 Arab refugees, but also for the 1,000,000 (1 Million) Jewish refugees who were driven out of Arab countries after all of their property and assets were taken.
We are inundated with the plight of the Palestinian refugees, yet little to nothing is said about the Jews who fled from Arab states. Many of their communities dated back 2,500 years. Throughout 1947 and 1948 these Jews were persecuted~Their property and belongings were confiscated~There were anti-Jewish riots in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Iraq–In Iraq, Zionism was made a capital crime!

Approximately 600,000 Jews found their way to the State of Israel. They were destitute,  but they were absorbed into the society and are an integral part of the state. 

The truth is that an exchange of populations took place between Arab and Jewish refugees, but, where the Jewish refugees from Arab countries became full Israeli citizens, the Arab refugees who fled their homes (at the instructions of their leaders), have remained “refugees” to this day, unaided by the Arab countries hosting them. Israel closed its “refugee camps” giving citizenship to the Arabs within.

Little is heard about the Jewish refugees because they did not remain refugees–they became full, functioning, contributing members of society.
You can learn more about their story at the excellent Blog, Point of No Return. Do go there and read the stories, watch the videos, look at the pictures–then ask yourself these questions: 
~ Why,  after 63 years does the UN still support 5 Million “Arab Refugees” when thier own neighboring Arab countries will not even allow them the most basic of rights?, and
~ Why, when Israel already absorbed Jewish and Arab refugees does the world demand they turn their tiny slip of land over to those who declare openly that their goal is to destroy Israel?
Has Good become Evil and Evil become Good?