Kirk Cameron~Did You Know He’s A Strong Christian?

This is an interesting segment from an interview of a successful actor who also happens to be a believing Christian. More than that, he has never been afraid of speaking out about what he believes is the truth. Interviewer Piers Morgan asks him if  he thinks homosexuality is a sin and he answers very honestly~which of course has stirred up the wrath of GLAAD~The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. (You can google them if you want, as we will not post it here)

More and more it appears that the media, TV and movies have taken an anti-Bible attitude. Judeo-Christian beliefs, such as marriage being between a man and a woman are mocked, and anyone who dares to take a stand faces derision and black-listing among other things. When a personality dares to stand up, it does make the news, but, as in this case the reviews are less than positive. One should ask, Why?

Kirk Cameron was initially known for his role in the TV comedy Growing Pains. He married his co-star in 1991, and together they have six children. He has made several movies based on his strong belief in God and the Bible. The first were the three Left Behind movies, about the biblical end of days. Next came Fireproof a movie about a young firefighter on the verge of divorce, challenged by his father to try a forty day “Love Dare” to save his marriage.

His latest project is entitled Monumental, and follows Kirk on a journey across America to discover what it was that once made America great~and to find out if the American forefathers left any kind of instructions that would guide people back to the source of America’s success. You can check the link for more info~the movie will be shown in theaters on 27 March 2012.

Below the interview we have also posted the movies for anyone who has not seen them. (If they run slow just click the YouTube box in the bottom right and it will re-direct you to the film on a YouTube channel).

Given the world situation today, can movies of this genre “speak” to people? What do you think?

Left Behind I~The Movie~Kirk Cameron

Left Behind II~Tribulation Force~Kirk Cameron

Left Behind III~World at War~Kirk Cameron

FireProof~Kirk Cameron

Monumental~Premiering in March 2012

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