Fundamentalist Muslims Directing the Toronto Police Force??

Toronto has been in the news a lot lately, but sadly it is not always good news. There is a trend that can be seen from this short list:
* A school turning the cafeteria into a prayer room;
* Rabid anti-Jew hate fests being allowed in Queens park;
* Canadians being trained for jihad;
* Tax dollars being paid to muslim hate preachers;
* Bloggers being threatened for reporting facts, and being told that this is Islamic Canada and the police will (apparently) enforce the will of the crooks in question (you really have to read this one to believe it)

The list goes on~Now the police department is consulting fundamentalist muslims regarding policy, including hijabs for policewomen, and perhaps even the full niquab in the future.

Right after the byline is an interview on the topic with Tarek Fatah. It makes one wonder if Toronto will soon become a No-Go Zone for all non-muslims…

* Hat Tip to Tundra Tabloids

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