Israel~Sunshine~People = A Great Video!

Living in Israel has always been a family affair. We now have children and grandchildren who have become a part of life in this incredible country.
For those of you who have never been here we can only encourage you to come and see for yourselves. We are so much more than the news of the world tells you!
The video below will give you a peek into what “everyday” Israel is like. We are proud that “our family” took part in the making of this film. 
Our oldest son, David, and his two children appear in the video, and the choreography, movement direction and casting was done by David’s wife, Adi Gordon Rawlings. 
Sit back, take a few minutes and enjoy Sunshine Across Israel~The Israel we love!
* Music is  Matisyahu‘s hit “Sunshine” from his album “Spark Seeker” (2012)

Sunshine Across Israel~Add a Bit of Sunshine To Your Day!

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