Update on Jay and Meridel Rawlings

Shalom to our dear friends:

“The LORD is good to those who [expect],
wait for Him. To the soul who seeks Him.
It is good that one should both hope and [expect]
wait quietly for the salvation of the LORD”
Lamentations 3: 25, 26.

I, Meridel am sending you a very personal note today. Because of your loving support to us, I have courage to share this with you.

First of all, by way of an update: next week Jay has an appointment with his Professor of cardiology, who will set out the next course of action. Until then, very little has changed since he was hospitalized in December. His fibrillating heart remains unstable. The doctors are keeping a close watch.

Therefore, I wondered, “What can I write by way of an up date?” But, I gave up trying to think of something. There is no news. Then I poured out my heart to the ONE who always listens. I have discovered, as many of you have: That “to know and to be known by heaven” is the essence of deep comfort. Often I sense no distance in thought or intent when praying or thinking… (as my sons say). Without this super-natural friendship, my soul would have shriveled and died.

“A treasured gift; my special prize,
The loving ONE…caused me find!
A beating heart in tune with mine.
‘Tis simply this… a QUIET MIND!”

The most basic blessing said in a Jewish home is over the bread in the course of a meal. Of course there’s the weekly Shabbat celebration. Jesus used this most basic thankful prayer to teach the mystery of our Father in Heaven. ‘Bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh’ is an eternal indestructible bond.

Midmorning today, when sitting at my computer near our little Norwegian wood stove; I became aware of that invisible loving Presence. Worry, stress, business… It all melts away along with all preoccupation with the affairs of life. Without any words being consciously formed, we experienced “the intimacy of love reaching down and embracing us both.”

At times most unexpectedly, these invisible moments of ‘loving- kindness leave me breathless… and quiet and peaceful. You could say Its a “letting down” a supernatural “rest”, which is what the Shabbath is all about.

Shabbat Shalom,


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  • VICKIE FAIRBURN March 13, 2017   Reply →

    Dear Jay and Meridel; greetings from Vancouver Island. Our next Sunday service at Nanaimo Full Gospel Assembly is dedicated to blessing Israel and your ministry. Is there anything in particular that you would like us to pray about or have anything you want us to speak about the ministry?

  • Seppo Raatikainen July 16, 2017   Reply →

    Jumalan Siunausta Teille täältä Suomesta!

    Olemme molemmat onnellisia vaimoni Mariitta ja minä Jay:n parantumisesta vaarallisesta sairaudesta. Odotamme Teidän vierailuanne taas tänne Armon Virta seurakuntaan Sipooseen. Olen rukoillut Jay:n puolesta saatuani kuulla Hänen sairaudestaan ja olen siunannut Teitä.
    Kiitokset Teidän unohtumattomasta opetustilaisuudestanne viimeksi täällä Sipoossa.
    Olemme opiskelleet Heprean kieltä ja olen käyttänyt tätä “Ensi Vuonna Jerusalemissa” tervehdystä. La´Shana HaBa´ah Bi´Jerushalayim.
    Miten sen voisi sanoa “Tänä Vuonna Jerusalemissa” Heprea kielellä? Tahdomme vierailumme toteutuvat nyt Sukot juhlien aikana v. 5777.
    Sydämelliset Terveiset ja Siunaukset täältä Sipoosta koko perhelle sinne Siunattuun Jerusalemiin!
    Seppo ja Mariitta Raatikainen

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