Greetings for a blessed Rosh ha Shannah 5778

Dear Friends and Partners of Israel Vision,

We are inspired by this piece and know that you will be too. Israel is masterful at finding her lost treasures, especially her spiritual treasure.  Please enjoy this and pass it on far and wide.

You are well aware that Israel has said in so many words that ‘Evil’ is not going to flourish on our watch.  We went up in Galilee one night looking out over the Sea and there were three aircraft which drew our attention. Then we heard the bombs.  Yes… they took out a  hidden secret Syrian factory of deadly gases.  In 2013, Syria was believed by the world that she had gotten rid of her chemical warfare.  We are dealing with liars and killers.  Give thanks for Israel dear friends. You  know the scripture says about the SALT OF THE EARTH! WE HAVE NOT LOST OUR SAVOUR. Pray for us all here.

Now to end with a very sweet, and inspiring note:

Jay and I send you greetings for a blessed Rosh ha Shannah 5778.
It comes in the evening of September 20th until the 23rd.
Let the LORD God be blessed!

Love from the Rawlings tribe.

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  • Anne Crofts September 25, 2017   Reply →

    Shalom Meridel and Jay I was your supporter from back in the 1980s and was blessed to meet you both when you visited Australia a couple of times in 1990s. I received your newsletters by mail but lost contact with you. The last 10 years were difficult but I am now divorced, moved house and have an email account. Yahuwah has been showing me things in the night watch. He called you into remembrance and I googled your website. I’m sorry to hear Jay has been unwell but rejoice that the Great Physician has healed you to continue your labours in the harvest. I have subcribed to your emails and look forward to your updates. Your wisdom, discernment and insights are much appreciated and needed by His sheep to hear in these last days of great deception and delusion. May the Lord continue to bless the works of your hands and may you prosper and be in good health. With thanks and praise to our Saviour Yahushua Ha Mashiach. Love from Anne Crofts

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