Wave of Terror in Israel

In these critical days, I believe there needs to be a clear voice concerning the issues of life and death unfolding in Israel and among the nations. Terrorism is spreading around the world like a cancer.  For the last forty six years now, Meridel and I have done our best to inform you (and a world wide audience) concerning the major events happening in Jerusalem from a Biblical perspective, using various media outlets.

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Genesis 12:3

The Nehemiah Award

The Feast of Tabernacles begins this Sept 28th in Jerusalem. That night the 4th and last of the blood moons will be visible IN ISRAEL on this, the first night of the feast. What is the Almighty saying to the earth?

Christian Celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles 2015

“And I told them of the hand of my God which had been good upon me, and also of the king’s words that he had spoken to me. So they said, ‘Let us rise up and build.’ Then they set their hands to this good work.” (Nehemiah 2:18)

Nehemiah spearheaded the return of the Jewish people from the Babylonian exile to Israel, arriving in Jerusalem around 445 BCE. He not only displayed great courage and zeal but he was a determined leader and above all a man of God. The book named after him in the Bible records his accomplishments in rebuilding the fallen walls of Jerusalem and leading his people in spiritual renewal.

ICEJ has established the Nehemiah Award to annually honour outstanding biblical Christian Zionist figures at the Christian celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles each year.

This year’s Nehemiah Award is bestowed upon Drs. Jay and Meridel Rawlings in recognition of their lifetime record of excellence in promoting and defending Israel and in teaching the Word of God through a variety of media. John Victor (Jay) Rawlings has a PhD in Jewish-Christian Relations, while Meridel Rawlings holds a PhD in Psychology and Counselling.

In 1969, the Rawlings’ were drawn from their native Canada to Israel by a simple message: “If you love Me, love My people!” Their latest book, Love My People, is a historical memoir of their lives and launch into ministry in Israel. In obedience, the Rawlings set about producing documentaries telling Israel’s story, which over the past four decades have gained them a worldwide audience, from Jewish and Christian communities alike.

They produced Apples of Gold, an award-winning documentary on early Zionist history through the 1973 Yom Kippur War and into the 1980s, distributed even by Israel’s Foreign Ministry as an educational tool. The Rawlings’ laboured for 20 years to see the release of Soviet Jewry, producing the award-winning documentary Gates of Brass on the heroic refuseniks trapped behind the Iron Curtain who longed for Israel.

The Rawlings’ were involved in numerous television productions on Israel for the Trinity Broadcasting Network100 Huntley Street and the Miracle Channel in North America, and the EO Evangelical channel in Holland. In more recent years, they have produced programs for GOD-TV as well as for the Christian channels TV-7 in Finland, and Norge Visjon in Norway. Their programs have been dubbed into German for Bibel-TV, and into Chinese and Spanish for other outlets.

Jay and Meridel were among the core founders of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem in September 1980. Jay was the media coordinator for the founding of the ICEJ. His films were used far and wide by the ICEJ, especially in the early years. They have stood with the ministry ever since. Through various media tools, the Rawlings’ have sought to educate people on the importance of Israel in the light of current events and biblical history.

Meridel has also been working in the field of battling child trafficking and sexual abuse for the past 35 years, to teach and give counsel on this growing social ill. She has published books, documentaries and seminar workbooks on the topic, such as Honor Thy Father? Exposing the Secret World of Incest.

The unique contributions of Jay and Meridel Rawlings in educating and mobilising Christians to stand with Israel have been enormous. For forty years now, they have pursued one overarching mission – to use the media to bring honour to the Word of God and to bless His people Israel today. The ICEJ greatly admires and commends their dedication and excellence in this work.

Based on their lifetime of achievements in inspiring Christians to stand with Israel, the ICEJ hereby honours Jay and Meridel Rawlings with the Nehemiah Award for 2015.

(Photo: Reynold Mainse)

Adopt a refugee

Jay & Meridel Rawlings with Michael and Nicole Dobuol with their adopted Filipino family in Toronto Canada, 2015

Jay & Meridel Rawlings with Michael and Nicole Dobuol with their adopted Filipino family in Toronto Canada, 2015

Shalom and warm greetings from Jerusalem.
Here is a press article for you.

1Tishrei 5776 – Sept 14th 2015

Re: Rescuing Refugees – One Family at a Time

by Dr Jay Rawlings

Day by day watching current international TV news reports, one witnesses a flood of humanity flowing out of Africa and the Middle East towards Europe. Their  search for refuge is too often accompanied by tragedy at the hands of ‘wicked’ handlers who charge enormous sums to lead them to a ‘promised’ land. Terrorism and war are driving these ‘desperate unfortunates’  who have lost everything and therefore take impossible risks in order to reach somewhere, anywhere… that has to be better than the hell they have left. Seeing the police enforcements, the walls of barbed wire, dogs, and tear gas used against sick and poor harkens back to post WW2 days when Jewish refugees fled their prison camps and looked homeward to Palestine with no one to help them. But, God had made provision for his people thousands of years before. There was no other precident like it known in human history. And to this very day, Jews continue to ‘return home to Israel’ from the Ukraine, France and North America. The obvious difference is that  the flow of today’s refugees is not from Europe but into Europe!

Like many, I have been deeply moved by the plight of the refugees ongoing isolation, pain, hunger, thirst, desolation and weariness.  The blatant  insufferable indifference they encounter from the oil rich nations in the Middle East, I find almost impossible to grasp.  There is little if any compassion for such hapless souls who are obvously, not wanted, and have no where to turn.

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