This is a one of a kind book. Timeless Secrets – Volume 2 – Miracles Among the Nations, shines a search light into darkness. It records fact not fiction. Watch as events are set in place for the greatest Aliyah or in-gathering of Jews back to Israel in our time affecting all nations. These Canadians prove: heeding The Still Small Voice guarantees awe-inspiring encounters with the Supernatural.

The Rawlings live adventure. Leaving behind secure careers, they launch out with an 8 month old. Following crystal clear instructions they: “Go among the nations, set up a Standard and love My People.”

Join this family. Adversity and adventure eclipses doom and gloom. Four sons and 10 grandchildren share in the quest. Out-smarting the KGB in Soviet Russia while researching their film Gates of Brass, they gave Soviet Jews and global Christians a voice heard by the Kremlin, “Let My People Go.” Visit the barrios, palaces, bars, sickrooms, monasteries, synagogues and castles of the forgotten. Nothing is ever as it seems, because, YES, change is always possible!

From Jerusalem, the Israel Vision team documented in 100’s of films the unfolding of ancient prophecies. TV talk shows; People Making a Difference and Still Small Voice delight global audiences on YouTube.

It has taken 55 years of marriage to glean these Timeless Secrets… for YOU!

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